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Our plans are designed to get you the sales leads you need at the price you need to pay.

Market Qualified Leads

Fill your funnel with market qualified leads sourced by Automata's predictive methodology. Target by competitive or compatible technology, company firmographics, ideal customer profile or other custom trigger points.

Sales Appointments and Email Campaigns

Let Automata take it one step further and close the loop by setting sales-ready appointments or executing an email campaign with your new highly-targeted prospects.

Custom Solutions

Have a tough problem that can't be solved with your current resources? Leverage the wide variety of proven tools available to Automata to solve any sales and marketing challenge.

additional services

Try us and see how different it can be.


If you have a specific sales leads challenge you’re trying to solve, we’d like to hear about it. Whether it’s prioritizing your existing funnel, analyzing the market for a new product launch, or setting appointments for an industry event – we’ve got you covered.

We’ll gladly develop a proof of concept for your specific use case and run through the options with you. Our process and platform truly are at your service.

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