New companies are hungry

New companies are hungry for customers.  They’re hungry for equipment.  They’re hungry for services that will make their business run efficiently.  Most importantly, they’re hungry for the days where all of their infrastructure decisions have been made and they can start executing their ideas and growing a robust customer base.

Acquiring the necessary resources from the get-go is at the top of the “make sure we don’t mess this up” list of every founder, whether it’s a lawyer starting her own firm or a freshly minted MBA with more funding than he probably needs and enough engineers to re-invent the internet.  The ultimate goal of an early stage decision is to only make it once.

The resources accumulated in the formative days and months can either set the stage for rapid growth and success or a slow trickle of innovation and traction.  The difficulty in changing one’s software stack (huge!) or ISP (not as huge, but potentially more infuriating) may be prohibitively daunting causing businesses to be run in a way that merely keeps its head above water to avoid re-tooling what has already been (improperly) tooled.

Company Creation is Steady

A report by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation estimated the number of new entrepreneurs in the United States to be increasing by 500,000 per month in 2014 and has held at a steady average 0.3% of the population over the past 20 years.


More often than not, a new company won’t know all of their options for connecting employees in different parts of the world or how to protect their online assets from all of the potential security risks out there.  A business and technology service provider needs to act quickly on emerging companies to be the one to provide them with the solid foundation on which to build their new profitable enterprise.  As the old proverb goes, the early bird gets the worm, and in this case keeping a constant and thorough pulse on nascent companies as they search for technology solutions is the only way to make sure you are there when the time is right.

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