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to Put People First


Our proprietary, end-to-end Next Gen Lead Gen solution analyzes your data, our data and public data to determine not just who is ready to buy your product or service, but to set sales appointments with those people.

It’s not just a list. It’s not just a platform. It’s not another harebrained scheme that increases your workload – but not your revenue.

It’s hands-on, tailored and transparent end-to-end campaign management to ensure you hit your lead gen quota this quarter – and every quarter.

Software at Your Service

Our vetted and proprietary process to drive conversation –and conversion


    Our first step is to take a hard and deep look at historical trends in your market to generate an initial predictive model using available internal and external data.


    Next, we merge these trends with other sales readiness indicators based on your unique offering and its need in the market to pinpoint your true ideal customer.


    Third, we identify individuals and companies that match your refined ICP and are experiencing the same issues that have driven closed won deals in the past.


    Fourth, we match the universe of corporate entities (or even individual consumers) against these parameters to generate fully populated, campaign-ready data sets.


    The final step is a fully managed and integrated outreach campaign – complete with made-to-order collateral and landing pages to set sales-ready appointments.

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