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Automata is different. It’s not a lead list. It’s not a call center. It’s not a platform. And it’s not more work for your sales team.
It’s your new sales solution.


Headquartered in Boston, Automata pioneered its Software at your Service model as an antidote to corporate marketing solutions that put the burden on the customer to do the majority of the work. Its prescriptive solutions to lead generation and sales processes are built using a proprietary data science methodology that learns over time, making better and better matches between people and the products they need as the campaign continues.

To begin with each campaign kicks off with a rigorous analysis of public, private and proprietary information sources conducted by senior data scientists. Each campaign is then custom-built from the ground up, often including dedicated collateral, landing pages and micro-websites to support messaging objectives. And each campaign is artfully managed – and continually tuned – throughout its life cycle to deliver the optimal lead generation, appointment setting and closed won results.


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